Ashtavinayak Darshan


Vighneshwar Vighneshwar Temple

        The Vighneshwar temple at ozar is the fifth Ganesha temple to be visited during the Asthavinayak Darshan tour. This idol is tall and broad. This idol is the wealthiest among the Ashta Vinayak since it is laden with jewels. Being the destructor of obstacles, this form of Ganapati is called Vighneshwar (Vighna = obstacles).

         This is one of the Swayambhu idols, and is considered to be a Jagrut deity. He has defeated demon Vighnasur. He himself is Brahma. His greatness is undisturbed in his different forms. He is greatest artist, he gives happiness to his devotees,who abodes at Ozar. It is believed that after visiting this place God takes away your problems.Vighneshwara's temple facing east is surrounded on four sides by a protective stone wall and has dimonds in eyes,on forehead and in naval.Riddhi-Siddhi stand on eithersides.

         Vighneshwara's temple is situated on the banks of river Kukadi.Chimaji Appa, the brother of senior Bajirao Peshwa, has renovated the temple. Among Ashtavinayak Kshetra Vighneshwara Temple is the only temple with golden dome and pinnacle. The main temple has two halls. The first hall is 20 feet high & has doors facing north & south. It has idol of Dhundiraj. The next hall is 10 feet high. At the entrance of this hall there is idol of one rat in running position made of white marble. Wall of the temple are decorated by colourful & attractive sketches. All the walls of the temple are covered with attractive and colourful pictures. Temple has a tiled compound. One can walk over the compound wall & have sight of fort Shivneri & Girijatmaj.

Daily Schedule in Vighneshwar Temple at Ozar

The temple opens daily at 5.30 am. to 10 pm.

Festivals in VighneshwarTemple at Ozar

In the month of Bhadrapad shuddh ( the waxing period) from first day to panchami and in the month of Magh shuddh till panchami, major festivals are celebrated in this temple. The Dhundi Vinayak festival is celebrated from Jestha Shuddha Pratipada to Panchami (5 days). The rituals of Shri Ballaleshwar on Bhadrapad Chaturthi and Panchami Day are performed for Dhundi Vinayak Utsav including Purana Pravachan, Bhajan Kirtan, birth highlights and Maha naivadya.

How to Reach

Vighneshwar Temple is situated on On the banks of the Kukadi river at Ozar about 85 kms. in Junnar Taluka of Pune District, Maharashtra State.

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Ozar is 87 kms away from Shivaji Nagar(Pune)bus stop Pune Pune Map
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