Bhatye Beach

Bhatye Beach Bhatye Beach

         Bhatye Beach is located in the Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra State, India. Bhatye is a small village very close to Ratnagiri city. The village is well known for a mind blowing, flat sea shower and wonderful beach in the background of the jagged Sahyadri mountain ranges provides a panoramic view of the surroundings. The length of the beach is approximately 1.5 kms and it's very flat and straight. One can enjoy the Nature at its best here. The Ratnagiri light house and the famous Madavi beach of Ratnagiri city are visible from Bhatye Beach. A famous temple of "Zari Vinayak" (Ganeshji Temple) is situated at the end of the beach. Sea waves at the time of high tide is really a breathtaking experience at Bhatye. The unpolluted air, clear sky, the vast expansion of bluish water, a quite evening, the lovely Bhatye beach is a perfect place to admire the romantic sunset.

How to Reach

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1. Distance between Mumbai - Bhatye Beach 340 kms. Mumbai Map
2. Distance between Pune - Bhatye Beach 289 kms. Pune Map