Shrivardhan Beach

Shrivardhan Shrivardhan

         Shrivardhan is a secluded beach near Pune with sun kissed sands on a spectacular beach. Shrivardhan has a nice atmosphere with unpolluted air and the beach at Shrivardhan is a clean beach. Shrivardhan is a nice place to spend an evenings watching the sunset. Shrivardhan a sleepy town about 165 kms from Pune is rustic hamlet as is the case of most of the Konkan beaches. The Shrivardhani beach in Shrivardhan is also a fishing port - Kalcha Jivana, and watching the life at this fishing hamlet is a great experiance in itself.

How to Reach

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1. Distance between Mumbai - Shrivardhan Beach 250 kms. Panvel Mumbai map
2. Distance between Pune - Shrivardhan Beach 200 kms. Lonavala Pune