Radhanagari Dam

Radhanagari Dam

        The Radhanagari Dam, located in the Kolhapur District of Maharashtra, India. and Radhanagari dam is constructed across Bhogawati River.Radhanagari Dam is a century old dam built by Shahu Maharaj.

        This dam is used primarily for hydro-electricity power generation and also for irrigation purposes.  The dam is 1037 m long, covering about 11,000 hectares of wooded hills that surround the Radhanagiri Dam. There is also a hydroelectric project with an installed capacity of 10 MW. This dam mainly supplies water to the kolhapur Distict.

        The dam is located at a scenic spot, with a stunningly spectacular backdrop of thick forest covers. The dam site is a habitat for many birds and varied flora. Visitors flock here in large numbers each year to the see the spectacular bird species that grace the area around the Radhanagiri Dam.

Dam Details

Name of Dam Name of River Name of Place Main Purpose Area Height Capacity of Water Capacity of Power
Radhanagari Dam Bhogawati Tal. Radhanagari, Dist. Kolhapur Hydroelectricity and Irrigation 110 Sq km. 42.68 meter 966 TMC 4.8 MW

How to Reach

By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. Distance from Pune to Kolhapur 225 kms, and Kolhapur to Radhanagari 40 kms via Rankala.     Map