Ujjani Dam

Ujjani Dam

        Ujjani Dam, also known as Bhima Dam or Bhima Irrigation Project, on the Bhima River, it is located near Ujjani village of Madha Taluk in Solapur district of the state of Maharashtra in India The backwaters cover a large area and the dam is considered as one of the appropriate tourist destination in maharashtra. The Ujjani Dam and its large reservoir provide multi-purpose benefits of irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, drinking and industrial water supply, and fisheries.

        Ujjani dam is largest dam on bhima river. 22 dams built on bhima river, which the Ujjani Dam is the terminal dam on the river and is the largest in the valley that intercepts a catchment area of  14856 square km. The Ujjani Dam commissioned in June 1980 is an earth cum concrete masonry dam, which has created a multipurpose reservoir. The total length of the dam is 2,534 meter, which comprises a central portion which is the spillway dam of 602 m length. The spillway is flanked by Non Overflow (NOF) concrete gravity dams of 314 m length. Earth dam sections flank the NOF dams on the left and right banks.  Irrigation from the storage created in the reservoir are provided via two irrigation canal systems originating from the dam – The Left Bank Main Canal (LBMC) and The Right Bank Main canal (RBMC).

        The Bhima River on which the Ujjani Dam has been built rises from Bhimshankar hills in the Western Ghats, also known as theSahyadri hill range. The river flows for a length of 725 km (450 mi) till it meets the Krishna River at Narsingpur in Solapur district.

Dam Details

Name of Dam Name of River Name of Place Main Purpose Area Height Capacity of Water Capacity of Power
Ujjani Bhima Tah. Mada, Dist. Solapur Hydroelectricity and Drinking water 14856 Sq km. 56.40 meter 117 TMC 12 MW

How to Reach

By Road Nearest RailWay Station Nearest Airport Google Map
1. 140 kms from Pune  to Ujjani dam via Indapur.   Pune Map