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Toranmal Hill station (Nandurbar)

Toranmal Hill Station Seven Step Sita Khai Yashwant Lake

        Toranmal Hill Station is situated at Satpura Hills in Akrani Taluka of Nandarpur district in Maharashtra state, India. toranmal is an altitude of about 3,399 feet above sea level in the Satpura Range. This place has a very cool and refreshing climate. Flanked by the 7 hills of the Satpuda range, Toranmal nestles among varieties of flora and fauna. It is one of those rare places which are not crowded by many people but the natural beauty deeply touches every visitor.


Best Viewing point:

There are many points for sight seeing, places which really make you feel good.

  • Yashawant Lake :-Yashvant Lake is a beautiful natural lake of Toranmal, which is also worth to be visited. It is a natural lake and offers breathtaking views of the hills.

  • Aawashabari Point :- Aawashabari Point, located near the boundary of Madhya Pradesh, is a view point from where tourists can see the mountains and the Forest Rest House. Many travellers also visit this point to see the temple of Jalindranath and remains of the fort of Gond Raja.

  • Lotus Lake:- Kamal Talao or the Lotus Lake is also blessed with magnificent scenic beauty. . It got its name because it remains covered with Lotus flowers most of the time. 

  • Sita Khai:- Despite its name this magnificent gorge has nothing to do with godess Sita. The gorge gets its name from seedha Khai straight ditch. A waterfall flows from here and the sight gets only prettier during the monsoon. Sita Khai also has an echo point.

  • Gorakshanath Temple:- Gorakhnath Temple is the important ones in Toranmal. Thousands of devotees attend a fair of the Gorakhnath on the Maha Shivaratri day, which celebrates in March or April. People from adjoining districts of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat attend this fair.

  • Sat Payari(Seven Steps)View Point:- Sat Payari Point provides tourists with a majestic view of the surrounding Satpura Range.

  • Coffee Garden

  • Sunset Point

  • Check Dam

  • Nagarjun Point 

  • Forest Park & Medicinal Plant Garden

How to Reach

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1. Distance between Nandurbar - Toranmal Hill Station 76 kms. 1. Nandurbar, which is 6 kms away from  Toranmal Hill Station. 1. Aurangabad,  which is 264 kms away from  Toranmal Hill Station. Map
2. Distance between Aurangabad- Toranmal Hill Station 264 kms     Map