Hot Water Spring

Ganeshpuri Hot Water Spring

Ganeshpuri Hot water Spring

        Ganeshpuri Hot Water Spring is about 2 km away from Vajreshwari in the Bhivandi taluka of district Thane in Maharashtra State, India. and is also famous for its natural hot springs.  Three of the springs are in the bed of the Tansa river, near the temple of Shri Bhimeshvar and they have reservoirs built round them. One of them is called Gorakh Machhindar. Two of the hot springs are in natural hollows in the rock. The hot water is 52°C. They are reputed to cure skin diseases, and even cases of paralysis. Discharge through a concrete enclosure into tanks constructed for bathing purposes. The water is mostly used for hot water bath. Ganeshpuri, besides being a temple is also a place of tourist attraction. These springs are usually less crowded than the ones at Vajreshwari.

How to Reach

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1. State transport buses play from Thane and Bassein (also known as Vasai) to Ganeshpuri.

1. Thane railway stations, which is situated at a distance of 34 kms on the central  railway and Vasai Road at a distance of 29 kms on the western railway. Mumbai , 60 kms away from Ganeshpuri. Map