Tural Hot Water spring

The Tural hot water springs located at Tural village in the Ratanagiri District of Maharashtra State, India. which is located 10 km north of Sangmeshwar, between Tural and Chiplun, on the banks of a tributary joining the Shastri river. Cement tanks are constructed around the hot springs

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Unapdev Hot Water spring

The Unapdev hot water springs is located at a distance of 6 kms from Adavad village in Shahada taluka of Nandurbar District in Maharashtra State, India. The word 'Unap' means hot water and in Khandesh's Ahirani language 'Vuna Dev' stands for the almighty that generated this fountain.

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Unhavare Hot Water spring

Unhavare hot Water Spring is Located at Village of Unhavare in Dapoli Takula of District Ratnagiri in Maharashtra State, India. The delightful Unhavare village is famous for its natural hot springs.

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Unhere Hot Water spring

The Unhere hot water springs located in the near Pali taluka Shudhagad of Raigad District in Maharashtra State, India. Just 1 km before the Pali Ganesh temple is a hot water spring. It is at the village of Unhere

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Vajreshwari Hot Water spring

The Vajreshwari hot springs located in the Bhivandi taluka of district Thane in Maharashtra State, India. Vajreshwari is known for its hot springs, the temple of Goddess Vajreshwari and the ashrams of Swami Muktananda and Swami Nityanand. There are around 21 hot water springs,

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