Hot Water Spring

Sativali Hot Water Spring

Sativali Hot water Spring

        The Sativali hot springs located in the Mumbai in Maharashtra State, India. These hot sprigs are located 100 kms north of Mumbai. Six hot springs are located on the banks of Vandri stream flowing near village of Sativli. The main hot spring (56.3°C) is located on south bank and small sprouts (59.3°C) are located on north bank of the stream. The main spring shows profuse gas emission. This hot spring is protected from human activity by constructing a concrete tank. There are three large and three small tanks opposite the temple. The small tank to the left has hot water and steam rises  up from it. The other tanks have relatively luke warm water.  Discharge from main tank is diverted to secondary tank and used for bathing purpose. A borehole drilled nearby discharges hot water of ≈ 52°C.

          There are fragments of a Hindu temple at the hot spring area, with two broken bulls (Nandis), and two broken lingams. This was called the Satoleshwar Mahadev temple.

How to Reach

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1.State transport buses are available for tourists from Mumbai to Satavali. Kelve 1. Mumbai , which is 100 kms away from Sativali. Map