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Unapev Hot Water Spring

Unapdev Hot water Spring Unapdev Hot water Spring

        The Unapdev hot water springs is located at a distance of 6 kms from Adavad village in Shahada taluka of Nandurbar District in Maharashtra State, India. The word 'Unap' means hot water and in Khandesh's Ahirani language 'Vuna Dev' stands for the almighty that generated this fountain. It has a permanent natural hot water source, and it flows throughout the year from a structure in the shape of a cow's mouth, which always flows even in hot summer. Hot water fountain is one of the key attractions of Unapdev tourist place. Alike Unapdev, Sunapdev, Nijhardev are two other hot water breezes generated in Satpuda hills range. All these three places have special mention in ancient holy 'Ramayana' and had auspicious touch of Lord Rama during his fourteen years expulsion from Ayodhya.

        The hot waters collect in a twenty-five feet square pond surrounded by a red-brick wall. Within the enclosure, close to the edge of the pond, is a rest-house and two small Hindu shrines. Outside the enclosure the hot water collects into a cattle trough.

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1. Distance between Shahada - Unapdev Hot Water Spring 25 kms.

1. Amalner, which is 103 kms away from Shahada. 1. Aurangabad , which is 244 kms away from Shahada. Map