Amba Devi(Amravati)

Shri Ambadevi Temple is situated at the heart of the city at Rajkamal Square, Near HVPM,Amravati Maharashtra, which is 157 KM nagapur by Bus,it is believed that Shri Krishna married Rukmini after abducting her when she came to pray at the Amba Devi temple

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Bapu Kuti
Bapu Kuti(Sevagram Wardha)

Bapu Kuti is Located in Segaon village is the renowned Gandhi Ashram. Later this village renamed as Sewagram.Sevagram Ashram or Bapu Kuti of Service was Mahatma Gandhi’s headquarters and place for experiments from the year 1934 to 1940. Sevagram, working in the principles of Mahatma

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Deeksha Bhoomi
Deeksha Bhoomi

Deeksha Bhoomi is a very important religious Buddhist monument situated at Nagpur Maharashtra, India. It is also known as “Dhamma Chakra Stupa”. This is the holy monument where the Buddhists receive Deeksha every year on ‘Ashok Vijaya Dashami Day’.

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Dragon Palace
Dragon Palace(Kamthi Nagpur)

Dragon Palace Temple is a Buddhist temple, situated in Kamptee, Nagpur District of Maharashtra State, India.Dedicated to Lord Buddha the temple with its fascinating architecture, pictorial landscape and tranquil atmosphere attracts large number of tourists and devotees

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Ganesh Temple
Ganesh Temple (Rajur)

Ganesh Temple of Rajur is situated in north 25 kms away from Jalna city. The temple is an important religious attraction where many devotees visit it every year. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Rajur is also known to be a ‘pith’

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The Ganpati Temple is the primary attraction in Ganapatipule that draws thousands of pilgrims every year to this village. This is the land of the 400-year old Swayambhaoo (a naturally formed idol) Ganpati and a glittering white sand beach.

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Haji Ali Dargah
Haji ALi Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah is one of the most popular religious places in Mumbai, visited by people of all religions alike. The Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque and dargah (tomb) located on an islet off the coast of Worli in the Southern part of Mumbai.

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Hanuman Temple(Chaprala)

The temple is dedicated to lord Hanuman who was said to be a devotee of lord Rama. The Hanuman temple at Chaprala is another attraction which attracts locals and travelers regularly. Hanuman temple is located at chaprala vilage

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