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Walkeshwar Temple

Walkeshwar Temple Walkeshwar Temple

         Walkeshwar temple is among the most ancient temples of Mumbai having earned a heritage status for its architecture and popularity among the pilgrims. Walkeshwar Temple, also known as the Baan Ganga Temple, is a temple dedicated to the Hindu god, Shiva located in Walkeshwar, near Malabar Hill neighborhood, in South Mumbai. The temple thus become known as Waluka Eshwar or Walkeshwar. The temple and the attached Banganga Tank were built in 1127 AD by Lakshman Prabhu, a minister in the court of the Silhara dynasty Kings. The temple was destroyed by the Portuguese during their rule of Mumbai in the 16th century. The Banganga Tank, belonging to the temple, was also first constructed at this time. The tank was rebuilt in 1715 out of a donation for the temple by Rama Kamath. The main temple, has been reconstructed since then and is at present a reinforced concrete structure of recent vintage. It comprises of very few features of the original complex and was again rebuilt in the 1950s. With time, many smaller temples came up in the vicinity of the Walkeshwar Temple, around the Banganga tank.

         Legend has it that the Walkeshwar temple was built by Ram, who sent his brother Lakshman to Benaras to get a shivalinga to be established here. Before it could be brought, he had an alternative constructed from sand. Folk etymology derives the name Walkeshwar from the Sanskrit name for an idol made of sand-- Valuka Iswar.As the story progresses, later when Ram was thirsty, as there was no fresh water readily available (only sea water), he shot an arrow and brought Ganges over here. Hence Bana (arrow in Sanskrit) Ganges. The water that feeds the tank stems from an underground spring at that spot, despite its proximity to the sea.The temple is usually visited by a large number of people on a daily basis and there is an exceptionally high rush on the full moon day & no moon day of every month.

Daily Schedule in Walkeshwar Temple, Mumbai

Walkeshwar Temple open all days a week from 6 AM to 7 PM.

Festival in Walkeshwar Temple, Mumbai

The Banganga Tank, situated in the Walkeshwar temple, serves as the venue of a Hindustani classical music festival. It is organized by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) every year, in the month of January. In this festival, one can be a witness to performances by virtuosos as well as amateurs in the field of music. Live musical performances and concerts held here attract locals as well as tourists to this sacred place.

How to Reach

Walkeshwar Temple, located in Walkeshwar, near Malabar Hill neighborhood, in South Mumbai. One can easily reach here by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

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