Tansa Dam

Tansa dam is the oldest masonary dam originally Built by British Engineer Mr.Tullock of Municipal corporation of Greater Mumbai in 1925.subsequintly Raised in stages to meet the need of water supply to city of mumbai.

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Vaitarna Dam

The Vaitarna Dam also calledModak Sagar Dam. The Dam was Built by British Military Engineer lowsone in 1701 who died during its tunnel construction. was renovated in 1954 during the nehru tenure by Bmc engineer Narayan Modakand hence named after him. before him the dam was renovated trice.

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Vajreshwari Hot Water Spring

The Vajreshwari hot springs located in the Bhivandi taluka of district Thane in Maharashtra State, India. Vajreshwari is known for its hot springs, the temple of Goddess Vajreshwari and the ashrams of Swami Muktananda and Swami Nityanand.

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