Water Falls

Vajrai Water Fall

Vajrai Water Fall

        Vajrai Water Fall is situated at the Sahyadri hills and Kas plateau (Kas flower valley) region near Satara city. Vajrai Water fall is located at the Bhambavali village, because of that Bhambavali Village become very special.  Vajrai is known as Bhambavali villagers devotional place. Vajrai water fall is just 27 kms from Satara district in Maharashtra, India.. The Vajrai waterfall is India’s one of tallest waterfall. The height of this Water fall is 815 feet and it falls from a straight cliff. The water for waterfall comes from the river Urmodi. It is origin of river Urmodi.

         There are thousands of people come from all over Maharashtra to visit this place especially in rainy season. During all season it has great flow of water. There are n number of picnic spot near by Bhambavali Vajrai Waterfall like caves, boating places in Tapola. which not only attract tourists from India, but also from other parts of the world. This place is a hub of lovely nature, beauty, wild life and holy places.

How to Reach

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1. Distance from from Satara  to Vajrai water fall 27 kms.     Map